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Services and Products 

Kiln Dried Firewood

Servies\Kiln Firewood

We are proud to offer Kiln Dried firewood from the ovens of Colton Enterprises in Pittsfield, Vermont.  This ready-to-burn mix of northern hardwoods is available year-round and is clean enough to store indoors. It has a lower, more even moisture content than Air Dried firewood.  

The kiln-drying process consists of freshly cut and split (16-18” length) firewood entering a 160 degree oven for a minimum of two days.  

The heat of the oven removes around 1,000 pounds of water per cord, leaving behind a product that will light on your first try every time.  

We recommend that you store the Kiln Dried firewood under a tarp or cover, in a dry area with plenty of ventilation. There is no need to worry about insects as the kiln-drying process removes them.  

If you plan on cooking with our firewood, we recommend the Kiln Dried.  The even moisture content causes the wood to ignite and burn evenly, ensuring steady heat whether you are using the wood for an oven or a grill.

Air Dried Firewood

Servies\Air Dried

Our Air Dried firewood is naturally seasoned outdoors.  A combination of sun and wind evaporate the moisture until the wood is suitable for burning.  Our local mix of Air Dried firewood mostly consists of maple, ash, and oak with a standard length of 16-18”.

Stacking Service

Services\Stacking Service

Beech Hill is happy to offer stacking service in addition to firewood delivery. In the spring and summer, we are able to stack the wood anywhere on your property that you desire.  Due to high order volume during our peak season, we cannot allocate the time for particularly difficult or time consuming deliveries.  Please place your order between 04/01 and 08/15 if you wish to have the wood stacked in your basement or up a flight of stairs.   

Stacking rates vary based on degree of difficulty and the amount of time it will take to complete the delivery.  Base rates are $50 for a quarter-cord, $100 for a half-cord, and $200 for a full cord. Base-rate stacking service covers a distance of up to 30’ from the truck and doesn’t include stairs or inclines.  When an order is placed, we will reach out to arrange stacking service and offer a quote. 

Servicies\Commecial Accounts

Commercial Accounts

Beech Hill proudly services a variety of local businesses.  Restaurants and Hotels utilize our firewood to fuel pizza ovens and wood grills, or to create a comfortable environment for their guests.  Current commercial accounts include the Mary Prentiss Inn in Cambridge, and Avenue Restaurant in Medfield among others. Please contact us directly for any business inquiries.  

Pizza Oven Wood

Upon request, we are happy to provide our customers with smaller-split firewood for oven use.  The growing popularity of outdoor pizza ovens has prompted us to offer a product that differs in size from a regular load of Kiln Dried firewood.  This smaller-split blend of Kiln Dried hardwoods offers a hot burning, easy lighting fuel source for any pizza oven.  Please specify when placing your order that the wood will be used for cooking.  Pizza oven wood is only available as a Kiln Dried product.  

Stacking Service Available

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