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Beech Hill Firewood has offered excellent products, prompt delivery, and friendly service since 1990. We are a family-run business and take pride in our products and speedy response to you, our customers.

Our Air Dried Firewood is a local product that we naturally seasoned for one year outdoors. Typical loads of our air-dried firewood contain oak, maple, ash, and cherry. Our company and all our suppliers are Asian longhorn beetle certified, and harvest timber in an environmentally conscious manner. We share the belief that forests can be managed wisely as well as profitably.

We proudly offer Kiln Dried Firewood. This is a northern New England mix, so you can expect sugar maple, beech, and a variety of birches. This ultra-premium wood is supplied by Colton Enterprises of Pittsfield, Vermont. Kiln-dried firewood is the choice of many of our customers and we recommend it to everybody who wants to have a fire the very day the wood arrives because it is not subjected to our whimsical fall and winter weather.


The name of Beech Hill is a road and site of a woodlot Bruce managed during the 1980s. Bruce attended S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook and graduated with a B.A. in history. He went to receive a masters degree in secondary education from Teachers College Columbia University in 1984.

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